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With Pitch, fans can unionize & amplify their voice to get what they want from creators they love.
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Leading creators are fulfilling fan pitches.

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Herbie Hancock
Grammy winning Jazz pianist, keyboardist, bandleader, composer, and actor.
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Quincy Jones
28 time Grammy award winning pianist, composer, record & tv producer, & songwriter.
An image of Bomani X.
Bomani X
The original Clubhouse app icon, guitarist, musician, and creative thought leader.
An image of a creator.
Greg Spero
Jazz pianist, composer, Yamaha musician, producer and touring musician for Halsey.
An image of a creator.
Ruslan Sirota
Grammy award winning pianist, producer, and musical composer focused on Jazz, R&B, & funk.
An image of a creator.
Sean Cavaliere
Model, actor, singer and musician. Former member of the music group, New District.
An image of a creator.
Austin Dean Ashford
OneBeat Colombia Fellow, musician, spoken word artist, & interdisciplinary fine arts PhD.
An image of a creator.
Vince 'Rocco' Vargas
Actor best known for FX's Mayans M.C. Producer, writer and former U.S. Army Ranger.

How it works

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Create a profile

Create an account to pitch a creator. Share your profile with your community to learn what supporters want to see from you.
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Start a pitch

Pitch ideas to creators on the Pitch platform. Examples of pitches include covers, content, streams & more.
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Make it a reality

Creators can decide how much their community needs to raise to support them in fulfilling a pitch.

💬 Make pitches to your favorite creators

Ever had a great suggestion for a performance, video, livestream, or special content? Start a pitch for a creator to set it in motion.
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💸 Crowdfund your pitch to show support

Help a creator turn your pitch into reality. Add a pledge to any pitch and share it with your community to spread awareness. You’re never charged unless a pitch is completed by the creator.

🎁 Receive unique content & special rewards

Creators can acknowledge pitches by setting goals and adding special incentives. Once a pitch is fulfilled, supporters can receive goodies like tickets, exclusive content, merch, and more.
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Create unique opportunities for world-class creators.

Pitching and supporting projects for creators empowers fan communities to get content they love. Fans can pitch anything they can dream up, whether it’s a new single, a collaboration, or a charity fundraiser.
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A music producer in their studio.
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Track athletes running a race.
A creator recording a podcast.
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When will Pitch become publically available?

Pitch is currently in beta, and we're working hard to build something creators and fans will love. In the meantime, you can sign up above to start testing the app.

What do I need to get started?

To get started, create your profile then share it with friends to begin sending and receiving pitches.

What can I use Pitch for?

There are various uses for the Pitch platform. Use it to pitch ideas to creators for projects, streams, live performances, collaborations & anything you can dream up.

What sorts of fees does Pitch charge?

Pitch only charges supporters for bids on pitches that have been successfully fulfilled by a creator. For creators, no transaction fees are charged for income up to $5000. After this, a small 8% transaction fee is collected upon successful completion of a pitch. 

Can I use my local currency make pledges? 

Our pledging system supports the use of over 135 currencies, and all completed crowdfunds are converted to the creator's local currency.

How does Pitch prevent fraud?

Pitch doesn't store sensitive information such as user addresses or birthdays, and all payments are processed using a secure third-party API. 

How is my information kept safe when using Pitch?

Our platform currently has measures in place to detect any suspicious activity on our servers, and we consistently work to make Pitch more secure. 

How do I remove a pledge that I've made?

Removing pledge that you've placed is simple. Access the pitches you've added a pledge to in the “Pledges” section of the menu. If a pitch hasn't been fulfilled by the creator, you can remove your pledge by selecting “Change Pledge” and lowering the amount to $0.

How long will it take for a creator to fulfill my pitch?

The time it takes a creator to fulfill a pitch is determined by several factors. If a creator sets a goal, they will fulfill the pitch once it receives enough supporter pledges. If a creator hasn’t set a goal, supporters can promote a pitch with their community to get it on the creator’s radar.

Why use Pitch?

Pitch is a platform that's the first of its kind, allowing fans to request and crowdfund nearly any idea they have for a creator. By giving supporters a real voice, the content creation process is now truly collaborative.

Have a great creative idea?

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