weeBID is delighted to announce that its users have collectively raised $10,000 for a charity that buys toys for children who have to spend the holidays in the hospital.

On Saturday December 4th 2021, at a holiday get together in Las Vegas, weeBID founder Greg Spero pitched an idea on weeBID for the organizer of the event, Billy Sorensen; “Lead the crowd in a singalong on ‘Santa Baby’ and donate all the proceeds to Dr Andaya’s Toy Drive"

The idea was spread around the room and audience members immediately began bidding towards this special cause. Once Billy caught wind of the request, he upped the ante and agreed to sing ‘Santa Baby’ if the idea received $10,000 in collective pledges.

Once the $10,000 pledge goal was reached, audience members were able to delight in Billy’s embarrassment at having to sing in public. All for a good cause. 

Every year, Dr. Serjun Andaya purchases toys for kids staying in his hospital in Henderson, Nevada. Stuck in the hospital, these children wouldn’t normally have the privilege of a joyous holiday experience. Dr Andaya’s Toy Drive makes their holidays a little brighter by getting them gifts to open and enjoy during their stay. Thanks to the generosity of weeBID users, and the willingness of Billy to put himself out there, there will be $10,000 more toys given to these kids this year to uplift the children through the holidays.

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