If you’ve had an eye on weeBID in recent weeks, or have read any of our recent blog posts, you’ll know that we’ve partnered up with the NYC Winter Jazzfest to give fans a unique opportunity: to play their own part in the festival booking. By contributing to weeBID campaigns, audiences can help some of their favourite artists get a booking at the prestigious festival next year. So far, campaigns have been set up for musicians such as Eric Bellinger, Richard Fairhurst and Ruslan Sirota, giving them the chance to join the festival’s stellar lineup. 

Credit: @thearthype

Last week on December 8th, weeBID sat down with guitarist and singer-songwriter Bomani X on the audio chat-based social media platform Clubhouse. weeBID CEO Greg Spero proposed that Bomani, who is also a key figure on Clubhouse and one of the app’s icons, play a show at the Winter Jazzfest due to be held in New York City in January 2022. A weeBID campaign has been set up to help make this happen. 

The festival’s director Brice Rosenbloom has agreed that if the total number of bids on Bomani’s campaign reaches $2,000, then he will book him for a set. Bomani’s fans, who would no doubt love to see him perform at the WJF, are encouraged to bid as soon as possible so we can hit our target in good time. Several fans have already made pledges, bringing the total up to $626 at the time of writing. 

What’s more, there are some great rewards to be won by pledging on the campaign. A bid of $25 or more will get you a ticket to Bomani’s set, while pledging at least $100 will get you access to all WJF sets on the night. Any bids made will only be charged if the campaign reaches its target and the set goes ahead.  

weeBID is a fan-initiated crowdfunding app which, unlike platforms such as Kickstarter and GoFundMe, allows audiences and consumers themselves to propose ideas and fund them. To find out more, you can read about how it works on our blog.  

Ready to support a Bomani X performance at the NYC Winter Jazzfest?

🔗 Contribute to Bomani's campaign here and you’ll receive $10 in credit to help get you started.